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A note from Bryan

Kia Ora/Talofa/Malo/Bula – G’day!

It is back to School for 2019, so make sure that you take extra care and be sure to look after those new little kids who (just like you when you started school) will probably be a little scared about going to school.

Here is our favourite thing to do at school. Be a role model for other kids – lots of kids have read the story Wonder or seen the movie Pay it Forward, but how cool would your school (and you) be if you actually did this stuff without thinking about it. So, be nice to others.

Remember, when people look at you, at school, they see your school uniform first not you as a person. If they see you doing great things pretty soon your school will be known as a great school (if it isn’t already). Your principal always finds out who has been doing great things in the community too, so our challenge to you is to be THAT person in your class, at school and at home.

Be aware as you cross the road – PLEASE make sure that you do this right every time – hold hands (if you need to) when crossing the road, ALWAYS use the crossing (especially to and from school) and listen carefully to the road patrol monitors instructions. Wherever you’re crossing, always look both ways several times and use your ears as well as your eyes – you can sometimes hear traffic before you see it!

Be nice to others – this isn’t hard, but it can sometimes take a bit of effort, especially when you are tired or grumpy or sometimes you don’t think before you speak. Take a deep breath, before you speak if you’re feeling a bit uptight and be the example for others around you. One boy once said to me “It is like being a police officer isn’t it, Constable Bryan, you always have to be polite” and that is true, so be nice.

If you can do this, not just for the first week but for every day for the entire year, you will be amazed at how great you make other people feel and at how good you feel too. That will mean hopefully you have a great year at school too!

Circle your calendar now because Pink Shirt Day is on Friday 17 May in 2019 – will you join us in the movement to stop bullying and spread kindness? Lots of kiwi kids (and adults) will be bullied this year, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Get ready to go PINK in May.

Finally if you want a great reason to wear your seat belt (and sing Seat belt click too) then here it is :
Bryan and Bobby’s Buckle Up episode

Until then – Think Smart, stay safe and keep your cool.

Mauri Tū, Mauri Ora

Constable Bryan & Bobby