Hey guys, Bobby here. I’ve got some super cool activities for ya.

Print them  out, colour them in, then get your folks to send them to me and I’ll get Constable Bryan to help me add them to the website.  Your folks can email the picture or you can send it to PO Box 34-307, Birkenhead, Auckland.

Make us look as awesome as you can (with me that will be easy, eh!)

Good Mates

Even though I’m an exceptionally good looking puppy I thought the first colour in picture should include Constable Bryan (QSM) as well as me. The next colour in picture is a different story, wooof! (I’m so good looking, don’t you think?).

  Bryan & Bobby – Good Mates

It’s all about ME

Just call me a fashion model. I look good no matter what side you look at. Ohhh laaaa laaaa.

  Super Model Bobby

Brrrrrmmmmm – Police Car

I think we need some help colouring in our Police Car. Let’s make it FANCY.

  Police Car