Police - School Kits

These videos and lesson plans are used by Police School Community Officers, throughout New Zealand.


Bobby decides he doesn’t want to go to the park to do all his favourite things, like playing “Fetch” or rolling on the grass, so Constable Bryan does a little detective work and finds that maybe one of Bobby’s friends has a bark that’s worse than his bite.


  Lesson Plans – Bully


Constable Bryan gets into a sweat when he makes the wrong choice in pizza toppings. Together he and Bobby look at how it’s important to be responsible for your choices and how to make the right ones.


  Lesson Plans – Choice


Bobby feels pressured by his new group of doggie friends to be and act differently. He comes to Constable Bryan with many different scenarios and Constable Bryan helps Bobby figure out what the best choices are, for him.


  Lesson Plans – Confident

Internet Safety

Constable Bryan installs filter software on the computer, and the ‘Hector the Protector’ programme then he and Bobby look at ways to keep safe when surfing the net.


  Lesson Plans – Internet Safety

Keeping Safe

When Constable Bryan finds Bobby in a place he shouldn’t be they look at the ways Bobby can help keep himself safe when he’s out in the community.


  Lesson Plans – Keeping Safe


When Bobby’s biscuits are stolen he decides that maybe laws are a good thing to have and that we should all obey them, all the time.


  Lesson Plans – Law


Bobby loses Constable Bryan at the mall.  Once they find each other they look at ways they can ensure Bobby doesn’t get lost again.


  Lesson Plans – Lost

On Track

Bryan & Bobby take a ride and discover the importance of safety on and around railway tracks.


  Lesson Plans – On Track

Positive Play

Constable Bryan & Bobby visit local schools to discover why bullies bully and what you can do when you are being bullied.


  Lesson Plans – Positive Play

School Rules

On a visit to a local Primary School, Constable Bryan proves to Bobby that school rules are there for a very good reason.


  Lesson Plans – School Rules


Bobby finds out the difference between a bad secret and a good surprise with the help of rugby league star Wairangi Koopu, who drops in to wish his mate Constable Bryan a very Happy Birthday.


  Lesson Plans – Secrets


Constable Bryan helps Bobby learn that it doesn’t matter how small something is if it doesn’t belong to you, you shouldn’t steal it.


  Lesson Plans – Stealing


Bobby gets upset when his garden is “tagged” by another dog and is keen to return the favour until Constable Bryan shows him how to respect other people’s property.


  Lesson Plans – Tagging


Constable Bryan shows Bobby how to cross the road safely and, former Silver Fern, Linda Vagana takes a stroll with some local kids to demonstrate.


  Lesson Plans – Traffic


Bobby struggles with the concept of trust. With the help of Constable Bryan he learns how to earn someone’s trust, why someone would lose the trust of a friend or loved one and why it’s important to be a trustworthy person.


  Lesson Plans – Trust


When Bobby gets a little stroppy Constable Bryan shows him that violence is never the answer.  Vodafone Warrior star Lance Hohaia agrees.


  Lesson Plans – Violence