Police - School Kits

These videos and lesson plans are used by Police School Community Officers, throughout New Zealand.


Senior Constable Bryan Ward and his furry friend, Bobby, discover that although we may not be good at everything we all have our own special talents and abilities!


  Lesson Plans – Abilities


Constable Bryan and Bobby find out what it’s like to travel in an Ambulance and what happens when you need to use an ambulance.


  Lesson Plans – Ambulance

Animal Care

Are you heading away for the holidays? There’s lots to think about, especially if you have pets. Constable Bryan helps Bobby find out at all the things you need to do to look after your pet properly. Fresh food and water every day is just the start.


  Lesson Plans – Animal Care

Beach Safety

Heading to the beach? Make sure you and your whanau check out these great tips for keeping yourselves safe this summer.


  Lesson Plans – Beach Safety


Bobby is bored, so he goes in search of things which will help him to fight the forces of boredom. There are plenty of useful tips that he learns on his journey to enlightenment.


  Lesson Plans – Boredom

Buckle Up

Constable Bryan and Bobby say “it’s simple, make your seatbelt click”.


  Lesson Plans – Buckle Up


Bobby decides he doesn’t want to go to the park to do all his favourite things, like playing “Fetch” or rolling on the grass, so Constable Bryan does a little detective work and finds that maybe one of Bobby’s friends has a bark that’s worse than his bite.


  Lesson Plans – Bully


Bobby has never been on a bus before so he doesn’t know what to do or how to behave. TV3 Newsreader Mike McRoberts and some local kids take a ride to show Bobby what to do.


  Lesson Plans – Bus


Constable Bryan gets into a sweat when he makes the wrong choice in pizza toppings. Together he and Bobby look at how it’s important to be responsible for your choices and how to make the right ones.


  Lesson Plans – Choice

Civil Defence

Do you and your whanau have your Civil Defence Emergency Kit fully stocked and ready for any situation? Bryan & Bobby look at how to get prepared. I wonder what Bobby will want to add to the kit! 😀


  Lesson Plans – Civil Defence


Bobby feels pressured by his new group of doggie friends to be and act differently. He comes to Constable Bryan with many different scenarios and Constable Bryan helps Bobby figure out what the best choices are, for him.


  Lesson Plans – Confident


When Bobby spots someone nicking Mrs McGregor’s garden gnome, he and Bryan do the right thing and inform the police. Join them as they follow the process so a child has a better understanding of a court case, and what might be required of them, as a witness.


  Lesson Plans – Courts


This episode was created to help families begin the discussion about death and dying, in a compassionate, gentle, child focused way.


  Lesson Plans – Death


When Bobby finds it really funny how different a wee Griffin dog called, Diego, looks to him, Const. Bryan uses lots of different ways (including food!) to show Bobby how important it is that we are different to each other. Being different makes us special and unique, don’t you think?


  Lesson Plans – Differences


Poor ol’ Bobby. He has a bad dream and needs the help of Constable Bryan and some friends from the neighbourhood to learn some strategies for how to deal with a bad dream if he has another one.


  Lesson Plans – Dreams

Driveway Safety

Constable Bryan and Bobby find a “trip” gives them the perfect opportunity to look at safety on driveways – super important stuff to know when you’re walking to school or playing at home!


  Lesson Plans – Driveway Safety


Have you ever experienced an Earthquake? Constable Bryan and Bobby visit Dr Karyne Rogers, Senior Scientist for the National Isotope Centre GNS Science, at Te Papa Museum, to find out what happens to the earth’s crust during an earthquake. Then Peter Elliot pops in to borrow some milk and checks their Civil Defense Survival Kit to ensure it has all the important items you need in case of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake.


  Lesson Plans – Earthquake


Do you know what an emergency is? Snr Constable Bryan and his Police Pup Bobby find out and emergency is and what to do in an emergency when Bobby thinks being hungry is an emergency!


  Lesson Plans – Emergency


Do you and your whanau know what to do in an emergency and you need to get out of the building or space that you’re in? Constable Bryan and his police puppy Bobby investigate how to plan for an emergency at home and what to do when you are out and about and an emergency occurs.


  Lesson Plans – Escape

Fire Safety

Bobby finds that Constable Bryan is a fire wise guy and learns how to be fire wise himself, with the help of some local kids.


  Lesson Plans – Fire Safety


With all the wild weather lately Bryan and Bobby thought it would be a good idea to share the video they made about how to keep you and your whanau safe during a flood, and how you can be prepared for a flood situation.


  Lesson Plans – Flood


When Constable Bryan prepares to head out to an event with a friend he organises Bobby a puppy sitter. Bobby is so disappointed. He’d been planning a fun Friday night watching one of his favourite programmes, with his favourite human.

Bryan shows Bobby how you can still find happiness in the things around you, even when things aren’t quite going your way. Wait to the end to see who Constable Bryan’s special guest is!!!!


  Lesson Plans – Happy


Now the better weather is on they way, it might be time to blow the cobwebs off the bikes and hit the road… but not without your “skid lid”!


  Lesson Plans – Helmet


Bobby finds out, with the help of his bestie Constable Bryan, that we should believe everything we read, see and hear. Some things can be an illusion!


  Lesson Plans – Illusions

Internet Safety

Constable Bryan installs filter software on the computer, and the ‘Hector the Protector’ programme then he and Bobby look at ways to keep safe when surfing the net.


  Lesson Plans – Internet Safety

Keeping Safe

When Constable Bryan finds Bobby in a place he shouldn’t be they look at the ways Bobby can help keep himself safe when he’s out in the community.


  Lesson Plans – Keeping Safe

Kids 4 Kids

Do you know that one of the simplest but most wonderful things you can do for someone is to be friendly and kind.

Bobby learns all about how kids help other kids when Constable Bryan collects some items around their house to donate to collection.


  Lesson Plans – Kids for Kids


When Bobby’s biscuits are stolen he decides that maybe laws are a good thing to have and that we should all obey them, all the time.


  Lesson Plans – Law


Bobby loses Constable Bryan at the mall.  Once they find each other they look at ways they can ensure Bobby doesn’t get lost again.


  Lesson Plans – Lost


Bobby’s avatar “Bobbicus the Muscular”, in his favourite computer game, is all muscle and not much else. The avatar’s strength rating is at 58 and his intelligence is at… 2! Does that sound like a good balance to you?


  Lesson Plans – Me


Do you know what a neighbourhood support group is? Constable Bryan helps Bobby work it out while he does some baking for someone special.


  Lesson Plans – Neighbours


A a time when we need kindness even more than usual, Constable Bryan chats to his furbuddy Bobby about why it’s important that we look after those more vulnerable than ourselves.


  Lesson Plans – Nurture

On Track

Bryan & Bobby take a ride and discover the importance of safety on and around railway tracks.


  Lesson Plans – On Track

Pool Safety

Constable Bryan takes Bobby to a friends place for a swim in their pool. Bobby’s never been in water deeper than a bath before. Const. Bryan explains all about keeping safe in and around a pool while encouraging Bobby in for a dip. Will Bobby be brave enough?


  Lesson Plans – Pool Safety

Positive Play

Constable Bryan & Bobby visit local schools to discover why bullies bully and what you can do when you are being bullied.


  Lesson Plans – Positive Play


Bobby is a bright wee puppy who has really good questions. For a start he wants to know who keeps stealing their rubbish each week. Constable Bryan has already investigated what happens to our rubbish, so he shows Bobby (and us) some of the different processes and why it’s so important that we recycle.


  Lesson Plans – Recycle


When Constable Bryan takes a tumble, while out on a bush walk, Bobby’s first reaction is to… panic, unfortunately! Find out how being prepared makes a huge difference to how quickly Bryan & Bobby are rescued.


  Lesson Plans – Rescue


Bobby was a huge fan of the All Blacks. Such a huge fan that he thought all other sports and teams were dumb!!!

That’s until Constable Bryan introduced Bobby to his bestie Anna Richards who was the Captain of the Black Ferns and, not only an amazing player, but an amazing woman.


  Lesson Plans – Respect

River Safety

Bobby builds a raft hoping to go on an adventure on a river. But there’s a few things he needs to do before he goes and while he’s there.


  Lesson Plans – River Safety

School Rules

On a visit to a local Primary School, Constable Bryan proves to Bobby that school rules are there for a very good reason.


  Lesson Plans – School Rules


Bobby finds out the difference between a bad secret and a good surprise with the help of rugby league star Wairangi Koopu, who drops in to wish his mate Constable Bryan a very Happy Birthday.


  Lesson Plans – Secrets


Constable Bryan helps Bobby learn that it doesn’t matter how small something is if it doesn’t belong to you, you shouldn’t steal it.


  Lesson Plans – Stealing


Bobby gets upset when his garden is “tagged” by another dog and is keen to return the favour until Constable Bryan shows him how to respect other people’s property.


  Lesson Plans – Tagging


“Teamwork makes the dream work”! And it does. When we all work together as a team; when we share the mahi – work as well as the fun, we all get to the end result more easily and more quickly. Not just on the sports field, but everywhere – the classroom, the office, at home even.


  Lesson Plans – Teamwork


Constable Bryan shows Bobby how to cross the road safely and, former Silver Fern, Linda Vagana takes a stroll with some local kids to demonstrate.


  Lesson Plans – Traffic


Bobby’s never been tramping before so doesn’t know what to take or how to prepare. Constable Bryan walks him through it all with the help of some keen trampers and their caregivers.


  Lesson Plans – Tramping


Bobby struggles with the concept of trust. With the help of Constable Bryan he learns how to earn someone’s trust, why someone would lose the trust of a friend or loved one and why it’s important to be a trustworthy person.


  Lesson Plans – Trust


When Bobby gets a little stroppy Constable Bryan shows him that violence is never the answer.  Vodafone Warrior star Lance Hohaia agrees.


  Lesson Plans – Violence

Walking School Bus

Constable Bryan and his furry friend Bobby want to ensure you and your whanau are safe, wherever you are or whatever you’re doing, especially near busy roads. A Walking School bus is a great way to get to school safely, and Bryan & Bobby join one so that Bobby can find out what they’re all about.


  Lesson Plans – Walking School Bus


Bryan & Bobby head to the beach with their whanau. Bobby can’t remember what whanau means so Constable Bryan shares with him what it means to be a part of a whanau.


  Lesson Plans – Whanau