Senior Constable Bryan Ward and his furry friend, Bobby, discover that although we may not be good at everything we all have our own special talents and abilities!


  Lesson Plans – Abilities


Constable Bryan and Bobby find out what it’s like to travel in an Ambulance and what happens when you need to use an ambulance.


  Lesson Plans – Ambulance

Animal Care

Are you heading away for the holidays? There’s lots to think about, especially if you have pets. Constable Bryan helps Bobby find out at all the things you need to do to look after your pet properly. Fresh food and water every day is just the start.


 Lesson Plans – Animal Care

Beach Safety

Heading to the beach? Make sure you and your whanau check out these great tips for keeping yourselves safe this summer.


  Lesson Plans – Beach Safety


Bobby is bored, so he goes in search of things which will help him to fight the forces of boredom. There are plenty of useful tips that he learns on his journey to enlightenment.


  Lesson Plans – Boredom

Buckle Up

Constable Bryan and Bobby say “it’s simple, make your seatbelt click”.


  Lesson Plans – Buckle Up


Bobby decides he doesn’t want to go to the park to do all his favourite things, like playing “Fetch” or rolling on the grass, so Constable Bryan does a little detective work and finds that maybe one of Bobby’s friends has a bark that’s worse than his bite.


  Lesson Plans – Bully


Bobby’s not feeling well – his throat is sore and his body aches… but he perks up when Constable Bryan starts to make him his favourite – Dog Biscuit soup! When Bobby rushes over to the stove he knocks the pot of soup off the stove!!!

Bryan shows Bobby lots of ways families can keep their little ones safe and help prevent them from getting burnt.


  Lesson Plans – Burns


Bobby has never been on a bus before so he doesn’t know what to do or how to behave. TV3 Newsreader Mike McRoberts and some local kids take a ride to show Bobby what to do.


  Lesson Plans – Bus


Constable Bryan gets into a sweat when he makes the wrong choice in pizza toppings. Together he and Bobby look at how it’s important to be responsible for your choices and how to make the right ones.


  Lesson Plans – Choice

Civil Defence

Do you and your whanau have your Civil Defence Emergency Kit fully stocked and ready for any situation? Bryan & Bobby look at how to get prepared. I wonder what Bobby will want to add to the kit! 😀


  Lesson Plans – Civil Defence


Bobby feels pressured by his new group of doggie friends to be and act differently. He comes to Constable Bryan with many different scenarios and Constable Bryan helps Bobby figure out what the best choices are, for him.


  Lesson Plans – Confident


When Bobby spots someone nicking Mrs McGregor’s garden gnome, he and Bryan do the right thing and inform the police. Join them as they follow the process so a child has a better understanding of a court case, and what might be required of them, as a witness.


  Lesson Plans – Courts


This episode was created to help families begin the discussion about death and dying, in a compassionate, gentle, child focused way.


  Lesson Plans – Death


When Bobby finds it really funny how different a wee Griffin dog called, Diego, looks to him, Const. Bryan uses lots of different ways (including food!) to show Bobby how important it is that we are different to each other. Being different makes us special and unique, don’t you think?


  Lesson Plans – Differences


Poor ol’ Bobby. He has a bad dream and needs the help of Constable Bryan and some friends from the neighbourhood to learn some strategies for how to deal with a bad dream if he has another one.


  Lesson Plans – Dreams