Police Education Service

The Youth Education Service of New Zealand Police promotes individual safety to young people, families, teachers and school communities, to help create to safer communities. Make sure you visit their website and remember to tell them that Bryan and Bobby sent you !


NZ Fire Service

While Bryan & Bobby have episode on firewise topics, click on the link below to learn more about the NZ Fire Service and additional valuable firewise lessons. When you visit there website and remember to tell them that Bryan and Bobby sent you !


St John – Here for life

St John journey is about becoming a truly integral part of New Zealand’s community health care solution of the future. The Vision for St John is enhanced health and wellbeing for all New Zealanders.


Neighbourhood Support

Bryan & Bobby are big fans of Neighbourhood Support. Neighbourhoods make up our wonderful communities, therefore it is important to be involved and engaged with those around us!


Pink Shirt Day – Stand together to take action against bullying

Pink Shirt Day aims to create schools, workplaces and communities where all people feel safe, valued and respected. Will you stand with us to stop bullying on 26 May?



Duffy – Books in Homes

Check this website out ….one of our favourite things to do is read and thanks to Books in Homes now thousands of kiwi kids can !



Suzy Cato

Our friend Suzy has been with us every step of the way (right from when Bryan & Bobby was just a bubble in our brains) so it’s our pleasure to support her and all the cool things she’s doing with kids just like you.